Europe Senior Management

  • Hans Van de Weerd
    Senior Vice President, Europe
  • Naima Siddiqi
    Senior Director of Finance and Operations, Europe
  • Imogen Sudbery
    Director of Policy and Advocacy, Europe
  • Aska Pickering
    Deputy Vice President, Awards Management Unit
  • Matthew Doyle
    Director of Communications, Europe
  • Sigrun Danielsson
    Head of Human Resources, Europe
  • Alyoscia D'Onofrio
    Vice President and Head of Technical Excellence, IPD - Governance
  • Ralph Achenbach
    Managing Director and Country Representative, Germany
  • Laura Kyrke-Smith
    Executive Director, UK
  • Therese Engstrom
    Executive Director, Sweden

Our team in Brussels

  • Imogen Sudbery
    Head of Office
  • Niamh Nic Carthaigh
    Head of EU Policy and Advocacy
  • Lidia Giglio
    Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer
  • Pietro Romano
    Policy and Advocacy Advisor, Conflict and Migration
  • Lena Donner
    Senior Policy and Advocacy Advisor, Refugee Resettlement and Integration
  • Maria-Cristina Urbano
    Policy and Advocacy Assistant
  • Victor Beaume
    Policy and Advocacy Assistant
  • Jean-Yves Penoy
    Senior Advisor, Strategic Partnerships
  • Anneleen Vos
    Senior Policy Officer, Economic Programmes
  • Sylvia Franssen
    Finance Manager
  • Nahyd Meskini
    Office and HR Manager
  • Noemie Kouider
    Technical Advisor, Governance
  • Laurence Leclercq
    Programmatic and Learning Advisor
  • Lina Gjerstad
    Senior Strategy Manager, International Programmes
  • Thierno Barry
    Regional Supply Chain Director
  • Genevieve Caston
    Senior Integration Specialist, EURITA
  • Helen Burgess
    EURITA Assistant
  • Natalie Stanton
    Communications Officer

The team in Germany - EU focus

  • Alice Repesse
    Programme Development Advisor
  • Ela Anil Ergun
    Regional Grants Director
  • Elisabeth Bond
    Senior Programme Development Advisor
  • Esther Wolf
    Programme & Grants Advisor (Humanitarian Aid)
  • Graziela Voica
    Regional Grants Advisor
  • Livia Chacon Cordon
    Programme Development Advisor
  • Lucy Proudlock
    Regional Grants Assistant
  • Mona Niemeyer
    Compliance Officer
  • Natasha Carter
    Regional Grants Advisor
  • Nicole Taute
    Programme Development Advisor
  • Nuria Martin
    Project Finance Manager, ECHO
  • Serge Birtel
    Programme Development Advisor
  • Winter Burhoe
    Regional Grants Director
  • Laia Blanch
    Frameworks & Grants Director
  • Rebekka Toyka
    Programme & Grants Advisor (Development Aid)
  • Meike Giordono-Scholz
    Communications Lead
  • Lydia Ciesluk
    Digital Communications Officer