The first months of 2020 mark new beginnings for many of us. 2020 is also a time of new beginnings in the EU, as the new European Commission and Parliament take the first steps in their mandate.

But while we start 2020 with new hope, spirit and resolve, over 70 million people around the world remain forced from their homes due to a combination of conflict, climate change and extreme poverty.

The EU is uniquely placed to provide a truly game-changing response to help these people survive, recover and gain control of their future.

But to make this happen, the EU needs to rethink its humanitarian, development and political action. And 2020 gives the EU a unique opportunity to unlock this full potential and work towards:

  • A Europe that protects and empowers by joining up all EU policies to ensure no one is left behind - and putting the needs of women and girls first;
  • A Europe that protects and welcomes by establishing a fair and humane asylum system and resettling at least 250,000 people by 2025;
  • A Europe that protects and leads by recognising that most humanitarian emergencies are also a political emergency - and using its diplomatic power to put an end to conflicts unfolding in at its borders.

This year, we call on the new EU institutions to join the IRC in standing for a Europe that truly welcomes, empowers, protects and leads.

Read our manifesto and watch David Miliband explain why the EU must step up now.