Every World Refugee Day, we celebrate the contributions of refugees around the world. This year, we are proud to honour the courage of refugee artists who use their creativity to connect and heal – bringing people closer together. Through  their paintings, their dance and their song, these inspiring artists open a door into their world and show us who they are beyond the label of refugee.

Explore six ways you can honour that courage, by taking action for refugees around the world:

1. Share Diala Brisly's powerful illustration

Diala Brisly, a Syrian artist and refugee living in France, has created a new illustration that embodies the statement "Refugees are courageous." Share her work far and wide.

3. Watch this video to meet illustrator Diala Brisly

Diala Brisly was forced to flee Syria in 2013 and is now resettled in France. Her newly commissioned illustration, which makes the statement “Refugees are Courageous,” kicks off our 2021 World Refugee Day campaign honouring and celebrating the contributions of refugee artists. Watch the video to hear Diala’s story.

4. Share this video to celebrate the courage of refugee artists

It takes great courage to open your heart and share your experience. That’s why, this World Refugee Day, we are celebrating the courage and immense contributions of refugee artists.