Delivering lasting impact

The IRC helps people to survive, recover and rebuild their lives.

  • 2022-serve
    We serve
    people whose lives have been upended by war, conflict and natural disasters
  • 2022-work
    We work
    in countries where people don’t have the support they need to recover from crisis
  • 2022-respond
    We respond
    within 72 hours, staying to help countries stabilize and people rebuild their lives
  • 2022-advocate
    We advocate
    on behalf of people caught in crisis, encouraging governments to work smarter and do more
David Miliband

This is about the rescue of us and our values as well as the rescue of refugees and their lives.

David Miliband
President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee

Our stories

It is so important that I form relationships with the women I work for. Now many of them don’t just come to me for treatment, they also come to share their concerns and thoughts with me, because they feel safe.
Kaniz Fatema
Kaniz has been working as an IRC midwife in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh for a year where there are almost one million refugees living in camps.
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The disease is traumatising. I was shaken physically and psychologically. When you go back [to the community], they fear you. I decided to educate others. Since I was rescued, I need to rescue others.
Dean Mbusa Kavunga Malengule looking in the camera
Mbusa contracted Ebola after visiting his brother in Nyakato in Democratic Republic of Congo. Since surviving the disease, he's now on a mission to spread the truth.
Meet Ebola survivors
“Of course there is a lot of pressure – but I’ve found my calling in working for the IRC. We reach out to people really in need. When you help someone who is in need and change their life – that is something big and joyful.”
A man sits smilingly behind a desk
29-year-old Mohamad had always dreamed of becoming a doctor since he was a child. Now he’s part of the mobile health team that go out to the surrounding areas of Misrata to deliver crucial care for the community.
Meet our medical team in Libya
About our work with the European Union

The International Rescue Committee partners with the European Union to provide life-saving support to people caught in conflict and disasters around the world. Our work funded by the EU enables people to survive, recover and rebuild their lives.